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Saturday, April 23, 2005

VeggieGen fixed, and Green-Trust Changes

The VeggieGen is back in operation, after dumping $300 into a valve job and new head gasket. Head reinstalled yesterday afternoon. Didn't have the governor adjusted correctly, and blew a capacitor on the jet pump on the well. Replaced the capacitor last night, and adjusted the governor today. Everything is working fine.

Greg and Chandra, the new caretakers, were supposed to be here this weekend, but due to car problems, won't make it till next weekend. Yesterday I finished up at my old job, Sunday I fly to Florida for training, and we move next weekend to our new place and job. It's hectic around here.

We finished the new prototype WVO conversion system for the Green-Trust VeggieGen series of Generators from Affordable Power so that's being shipped out today to Affordable Power for testing and production.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Green Trust changes caretakers

My term is up, I've been recalled. It's with sadness that I leave upstate NY, as work has pulled me in a different direction. The good news is that Green Trust is being left in capable hands. I'll introduce the new caretaker and researcher next week, so stay tuned.

Another sad note. This evening, amidst a great fireworks show out the tailpipe, the veggiegen groaned to a stop. The high temperature paint burned off the exhaust manifold near the #2 cylinder. I'm guessing, without disassembly, that we lost an exhaust valve. Not to worry, a rebuild kit will be ordered, and the veggiegen will breath again!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Simple Living

Simple Living

Every time I hear this term I think of all the "ties that bind" modern man.

An image of Jacob Marley in all his ghostly chains stalking Ebeneezer Scrooge comes to mind.

Chains made of mortgages, payment plans and commitments whose sole purpose is to help us appease the demons of conformity.

The same self imposed shackles that separate Ebeneezer from the rest of humanity and threatens to kill his very soul as he is yet just another cog in the wheels of the machine.

The machine is a jealous god as well, either you conform or you will be punished with what it defines as deprivation.

You will not be allowed to gain the most desired objects {masters} such as mansions, yachts and sport cars to care for and maintain until you die.

You will not gain the flavor of the week clothing that some old woman in New York or drunken French man decides is stylish this week.

Your children will hang their head in shame as they enter the public school cookie cutter with out this week's goofy-mon accessories!

Not serving the machine will lower your stress level, forcing you to live longer with the knowledge that you are a hedonist non-conformer!

Friends and family rattle their chains at you and let you know exactly how wrong and immoral you are for throwing off your shackles.

Shame on you... Put those chains back on before the neighbors notice!

After all... How DARE YOU be different!?!

George A.

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